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Sara Y.

I reached out to Todd because my family has a long history of working with him, and through all the years we have known him, he has been more than thoughtful and has always treated his clients as friends first. Todd went out of his way to get to know my reasons for wanting to purchase the specific home I wanted to put an offer on, to build a good rapport with the seller’s listing agent and to work closely with my loan officer. He is warm and welcoming to everyone he meets, which helps him to navigate the more difficult situations if or when they arise during the escrow process. I saw this skill at work firsthand with our time working together. When my ex-husband (but not quite legally yet) refused to sign several papers at different times in the process, Todd was able to keep the process calm and move forward, because of the way he had developed those relationships. Not only was he able to keep everyone taking one step after the next, manage all the communication between myself and all others involved, but he even managed to get escrow to change the formatting of a standard form so that my ex-husband would feel comfortable signing it. He goes over and above in every way he can. In fact, at one point, when he was adamant, he wasn’t too sick to make a few more calls or do a few more emails on my behalf, I had to literally request as his client that he did nothing and rested instead. I woke up the next morning to new emails and updates from the work he had done rather than resting, and somehow, he still recovered and was ready for our inspection a few days later. He also goes to bat for his clients at every opportunity. When the sellers removed a security panel that was present at the open house and had been discussed as a selling point, Todd worked with everyone involved to get credit from the sellers, which meant new forms from his office as well as from escrow. He maintained an attitude of service throughout all of it. Once everything was said and done, and the home was ours, Todd came over with presents. He had noticed that the filters needed replacing and being that this was my first purchase, he thought I may not know how to do it yet. He met me at my new home, with filters in hand. So, there he is, in a suit and tie, on a step stool, replacing filters so that he could teach me how to do it. He had also picked up cute sign that he said explained why I had gone through all the hard work of buying a place. It started out “Mom: the one who does all the things for all the people and loves them unconditionally…” It was such a sweet gift. I could not be more thankful to Todd for all his hard work and commitment to providing excellent service. Oh, one more little story…one evening while trying to decompress from what had been a rough day trying and failing to get my ex-husband to sign a paper, I got a text from Todd. He had sent me a link to a song and said it was a song he really enjoyed listening to and he thought I would like it as well. We had not talked about music, but he had thought to send me that song because he genuinely thinks of his clients as much more than that.
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