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Hey there! I’m Todd Picconi, a real estate veteran with 31 years of experience under my belt. As a Realtor, Broker, and Owner of Todd Picconi Real Estate, I’ve learned that achieving great results requires a dynamic approach.

When you choose to work with me, you’re not just getting a real estate service – you’re getting a partner dedicated to professionalism and top-notch quality. My approach blends personal involvement, precision, and a strong sense of professionalism, all aimed at delivering the outcomes you’re looking for in record time. Your expectations are important to me, and I’m here to exceed them. You’re a crucial part of this journey.

With my extensive knowledge spanning over three decades, I can meticulously craft a plan that’s tailored to bring you the results you’re after.

I’m truly grateful for the chances I’ve had to build long-lasting relationships through honest practices.

My approach is built on insights from a wealth of past transactions – over a thousand to be exact. Moreover, my analytical skills, honed during my time at California Polytechnic University Pomona in the ’80s where I earned a business degree with a specialization in accounting, empower me to think critically and make smart decisions. Together, these strengths provide immense value to you, my client.

Negotiation is one of my strong suits, and my expertise in this area consistently leads to exceptional outcomes.

Need advice on when to sell? I’ve got you covered. I can also help you identify the best and not-so-great periods for putting your property on the market.

When it comes to negotiation, technology, and data, I’m your go-to source. I’m genuinely passionate about helping individuals make the most informed choices.

Rest assured, I’m fully committed to going above and beyond to ensure you’re more than satisfied with the results. Let’s team up and make your real estate journey a fantastic one!

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