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10 Best Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Hilary in Southern California This Week

Title: Navigating the Storm: 10 Best Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Hilary in Southern California This Week


As a seasoned Neighborhood Realtor with over three decades of experience, I understand the importance of preparedness, not only in real estate but also in life’s unexpected challenges. Hurricane Hilary’s approach to Southern California serves as a reminder that preparedness goes beyond just property sales. In this blog post, I’ll share my expertise to guide you through the 10 best ways to prepare for Hurricane Hilary and ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property.

1. Stay Informed

Stay connected with local weather forecasts and news updates. Monitor reputable sources like the National Hurricane Center to track Hurricane Hilary’s progress and make informed decisions.

2. Emergency Plan

Create a comprehensive family emergency plan that details evacuation routes, communication strategies, and meeting points. Ensure every family member is aware of the plan.

3. Essential Supplies

Gather a well-stocked emergency kit containing non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit. Don’t forget essentials like personal hygiene items and important documents.

4. Property Protection

Secure outdoor items that could become projectiles, reinforce windows and doors with plywood or storm shutters, and inspect your roof for any loose shingles.

5. Review Insurance Coverage

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand what is covered in case of storm-related damage. Ensure you have flood insurance if necessary.

6. Evacuation Strategy

Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes and shelters in your area. Plan ahead for accommodations, especially if you have pets.

7. Communication Plan

Designate a family contact outside the affected area. This person can serve as a central point for updates and reassurance.

8. Digital Copies of Documents

Scan important documents and store them securely online. This ensures access to critical information even if physical copies are damaged.

9. Stock Up on Essentials

Aside from your emergency kit, stock up on additional supplies like batteries, candles, and basic tools. Consider the needs of all family members, including infants and pets.

10. Remain Calm and Informed

During the storm, stay indoors and keep updated through battery-operated radios or devices. Follow official instructions and prioritize safety.


In my three decades as a Neighborhood Realtor, I’ve learned that preparedness is a fundamental aspect of thriving in any situation. As Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California, it’s crucial to be proactive, informed, and ready. By following these 10 best ways to prepare, you’re not only safeguarding your property but also the well-being of your family. Remember, a well-prepared neighborhood is a resilient neighborhood. Stay safe, stay informed, and face Hurricane Hilary with confidence.

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